Second Language Learning

Language learning as an adult can be challenging. As language teachers there are many ways to optimize adult second language learning. Click here to learn about my latest research on learning English as a second language.

Language Living in Switzerland

After moving here in 2009, I began working as an English teacher and noticed that, regardless of level, there are some very consistent, recurrent language errors that Swiss (German, Italian and French native language speakers) tend to make when speaking English. Click here to read more about some typical Swinglish errors and what you can do to avoid using them.

I was born in Philadelphia, PA (USA) to a passionate Italian father and fiery Argentine mother and felt compelled to marry someone Swiss to neutralize things a bit. I obviously love being surrounded by so many different cultures and diverse ways of thinking. Here are my thoughts on living abroad and everything that goes with it.



Languages are the gates into new cultures, new ideas, diverse perspectives and new ways of thinking. Click here to read about me and my journey as a language learner and teacher.

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